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Yusen Logisticsis a globally organized supply chain & logistics company that provides shipping and air transportation, warehousing services, distribution and supply chain management. The company operates from all continents in order to be as efficient as possible for its customers.

Motivation for change

Christian Knaeps, responsible for Net Working Capital within Yusen Logistics Benelux, and his colleagues spend a few days a month uploading files to a Power BI. This BI tool generates AP/AR reports for the 255 locations worldwide. For at least two days, employees of the finance department are busy sending the statements to the departments of the various locations worldwide.

Desired solutions

After understanding the existing process, we were able to come up with a solution and the process would be divided into two parts. In the first part, the ERP files are retrieved, stored at a certain location and loaded into the BI tool by the robot. Part two starts with the files being archived and emailed to all 47 countries. Finally, the financial manager receives a confirmation of the successful processing via e-mail.

The time spent sending reports turned into minutes, giving employees more time to focus on other tasks.

Results that speak volumes

We analyzed the data after implementing our solution and here are the benefits:


In the financial domain, many activities can be automated using RPA. FastPath Automation helps you streamline your work and repetitive tasks, eliminate errors, and minimize costs.

Customer opinion

Christiaan Knaeps, who is the first to take the steps of automation via RPA within Yusen, indicates that setting up RPA is an instructive and fascinating process.

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