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Uipath RPA

How your business will benefit of UiPath Robotic Process Automation?

UiPath RPA Robotic Process Automation will allow humans to be creative, to imagine, create, and implement strategic actions for the growth of your business. Robotic Process Automation will support your business in delivering an improved customer satisfaction, thus making you stand out of the crowd!

Does your business need speed? Do you need accuracy in data processing and reduced handling time? Do you need to take the robot out of the humans?

Robots have arrived and they are going to be part of our future. The faster you want your business to move on the global market, the fastest you will adopt UiPath RPA.

For this project, you need a reliable partner – we hold the Silver UiPath Certification, for the Netherlands!

UiPath RPA can deliver ROI within 12 months when implemented at scale!

Implementing UiPath Robotic Process automation, your company will catch the productivity boost you have always dreamed of: RPA will help you take the robot out of the humans by taking-up on the repetitive, non-added value actions. Average handling time can be reduced by 40%, as stated by different study cases publish by UiPath.

Uipath Robotics will improve operational efficiency when you need it most: never worry about how you manage manage resource capacity and address peak volumes.

Higher quality, because robots practically never get tired or unfocused: UiPath RPA will help you eliminate almost all processing errors.

Advanced analytics for the detailed reports you need to manage your business: bots execute the same processes as humans do, but the robots capture all the details of the processes and stores them for later use in auditing and analytics.

Implementation speed, because the tools will connect with your entire infrastructure: UiPath RPA sits on top of organization’s existing infrastructure, interacting with various systems and databases at the user interface (UI) layer.

By adopting UiPath RPA, you will get accuracy, predictability and profitability. The total package


Improved compliance – Once educated, RPA robots execute faithfully any operation, reducing risk. Everything they do is tracked and saved. You have the entire control to operate according to existing regulations and standards.


Cost savings in a short time: RPA can reduce processing costs by up to 80%. In less than a year, many of the companies that start using Robotic Process Automation already have a positive return on investment, and possible cumulative cost reductions can reach up to 20% in time.


Super scalable across business units and geographies, RPA engages an enormous quantity of operations in parallel, from desktop to cloud operations. More robots could be deployed quickly with minimal expenses, based on workload and seasonality.


Greater productivity and speed – Employees will be the first to enjoy the advantages of Robotic Process Automation as it eliminates non-value-add actions and relieves them from the increasing pressure of work.

Do you want the RPA total package?

We are Certified Silver UiPath partner

Our succeses in RPA

Koolwijk Polsbroek moved faster towards the future with FastPathAutomation

Client Image

We work with a lot of small customers and not everyone is willing to accept links between our system and theirs. We had to find another way for the orders to enter in our TMS or WMS system automatically.   That’s when we found Robotic Process Automation or RPA. With this software robot, provided by CoSo by AROBS in collaboration with UiPath, we managed to automate manual, rule-based, repetitive processes. This is ideal! All the orders from our clients are now registered by our software robot and it is also archiving the scanned documents, giving to the employees involved the time to invest in other activities. The only thing we have to do when we go home is to switch off the robot. Otherwise, he will keep working throughout the night. The testimonial was first published in the Transport en Logistiek Magazine

  • Jan-Willem Keijl
  • IT manager at Koolwijk Polsbroek

Do you want to know more about UiPath Robotic Process Automation?

UiPath RPA is the technology that gives anyone the possibility, nowadays, to configure computer applications or “robots” to reproduce and integrate the actions of an individual interacting within electronic systems to perform a business process. The UiPath robots use the user interface to capture information and control applications exactly as humans do. They translate, activate responses and communicate with other systems so as to perform on a huge range of repetitive tasks. An Uipath RPA program robot never sleeps and makes zero errors.

How is UiPath RPA distinct from other enterprise automation tools?

Compared to other conventional IT solutions, UiPath Robotic Process Automation enables organizations to automate in a fraction of the price and time previously encountered. RPA can be non-intrusive in character and leverages the current infrastructure without causing disruption to underlying systems, which might be difficult and costly to replace. With UiPath Robotic Process Automation, cost efficiency and compliance are no longer an operating cost, but a byproduct of it.

Hyperautomation – the #1 trend of 2020

We need a perfect combination between multiple technologies like machine learning, automation tools and packaged software for a better work result. Besides the fact that Hyperautomation contains a wide range of tools, it also refers to all the steps of automation itself such as discover, analyse, measure, design, automate, monitor, reassess.

Be ready to Hyperautomate

Discover – Explore what you can automate through the process mining powered by AI

Build – Anyone can create automations

Manage – Wherever you are, implement safely and manage automation, at scale

Run – Using your applications, robots are working alongside your people to carry out automations

Engage – For a complete automation of the processes, robots and people work together

Measure – Using embedded analytics allows you to see the insights of the business metrics, not only the robot metrics


What processes are ready to be optimized using UiPath RPA?

Thinking about launching your business on the fastest lane to digital transformation?

 We created some checkboxes to help you choose which repetitive, high-volume processes might optimized with UiPath robotics:

  1. Do you have a data-driven system or procedures to guide you through the identification and prioritization of tasks that should be automated?
  2. Can there be resistance to this kind of change in your business? Is there an important reason for this resistance?
  3. What small process can you employ at low risk?
  4. How are you involving others in the decision making procedure about UiPath Robotic Process Automation?
  5. Is there a general consensus – or dissent – on the reasons for UiPath Robotic Process Automation or robotics, in general?
  6. Where there is disagreement, is there a method of testing either side, either point of view?
  7. Can you agree on what success looks like?
Uipath RPA

Do you want the RPA total package?

We hold UiPath certification

For our kind of people, we will create our kind of robots using UiPath RPA

As people are different, the robots created to un-robot the humans are different, too. But, most RPA Solutions will comprise RPA developer tools, a controller and the robot itself.

UiPath Robotic Process Automation is versatile and flexible enough to be used in a business of all sizes, from start-ups to business organizations. Here’s a rundown of the two common types available on the market:

  • Programmable bots — A programmable robot is defined by set rules and directions. Parameters will need to be defined by developers prior to the bot can get to work. In the end, this involves mapping out a procedure — step by-step — that can be quite a time-consuming action for more elaborate tasks.
  • Intelligent robots — Bots with artificial intelligence can analyze information — both historic and present — to learn how workers perform a procedure. The robot will follow your clicks, mouse movements and actions. After a period of time when enough information has been analyzed, the bot will have sufficient information to complete the process. Intelligent and self learning bots are better suited to execute procedures involving unstructured data and procedures which involve altering parameters

Do you want the RPA total package?

We hold UiPath certification

UiPath RPA is not just another buzzword, it is THE global disruption

Statista.com presents the forecasts regarding the spending on robotic process automation (RPA) software worldwide. In 2019, global spending on RPA software reached 1.3 billion U.S. dollars and it will grow to 2,4 billion in 2023.

The 3rd Annual Global RPA Survey Report issued by Delloitte gathered information from surveying the companies that adopted RPA and questioned them regarding the satisfaction after the implementation of the technology. 

Concerning the targets assumed in the adoption of RPA, respondents who had implemented Robotic Process Automation estimated that 20 per cent of the capacities of the processes were delivered by robots. This was in accordance with the expectations assumed before the proof of concept or pilot phases. But, among organizations that are already scaling RPA, the typical target was as large as 52 per cent of capacity. Those implementing RPA at scale think their electronic workforce will exceed their individual workforce concerning delivery capacity, for the administrative and repetitive jobs.

A lower-cost in the targeted processes is usually accomplished through attrition or freezing the recruitment processes, and through moving individuals into higher-value roles. The evidence yielded by this survey underlines and amplifies what we’ve learned through experience implementing RPA – that top line and productivity advantages can outstrip cost benefits: 86 per cent of respondents indicate that their expectations of productivity improvement in RPA were met or exceeded, while the exact same is true of 61 per cent regarding expectations on price reduction. 

Other advantages declared by the respondents and ranked higher than the cost reduction included enhanced compliance; enhanced quality/accuracy; the ability to operate 24/7.

Do you want the RPA total package?

We have the Silver Uipath certification

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