FastPathAutomation is the dedicated brand for the UiPath RPA projects, of CoSo By AROBS

In our UiPath RPA agency @ CoSo by AROBS, seasoned software development experts and RPA developers are working to make the best RPA tools for your company. We’re dedicated to our work and until now we managed to excel in RPA robotics projects for companies in logistics, transport, and insurance.  

CoSo by AROBS has been for over 26 years in automation. From here to grow into a UiPath Silver certified RPA agency, with a strong team of RPA developers, it was only a matter of time. The origin of this company can be found in the sphere of technical automation and manufacturing automation. In recent decades, the business has been growing strongly also in the business of software development.


AROBS Transilvania Software is a software development services provider of ready to use systems and tailor-made applications based on the newest technologies. With 20 years of experience in software development, we address the IT needs of businesses as diverse as travel, automotive, home automation, and lifestyle sciences, IoT, business programs. We provide software development services: advanced and efficient web, mobile, cloud, and embedded options, fully-featured IT systems, and IT products.

AROBS is growing constantly since its inception in 1998, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, we’ve been combining excellent specialists with well-tuned but adaptive procedures. Our objective is to consistently deliver IT Outsourcing projects of high quality. The quality of our solutions and the dedication shown by our experts helped us build strong, long term partnerships with hundreds of companies from Europe and the United States.

Our enthusiasm for technological novelties and ongoing efforts to acquire new abilities and align with market trends. We turned AROBS into one of the principal players in the Romanian IT landscape. AROBS has over 950 employees, most of them, software developers, working in our Romanian offices and international branches: Germany, Hungary, Moldavia, Indonesia, the Netherlands, and Belgium.

Our specialist in software development can assist you through the product development life-cycle of your applications, from design to programming and testing. Application programming and layout for hotel booking, workforce management, eCommerce solutions, clinical trial management, location-based solutions, home automation, automated fare collection systems, mobility solutions for payment like MonePOS, are just a few places for which you can find highly qualified experts and procedures in AROBS.

Moreover, our client base has also expanded greatly since 1998 to over 1600 clients from 14 nations. Many prestigious foreign clients are from Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Norway, Austria, the Netherlands, the UK, and the USA.

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We have the Silver Uipath certification and a strong team of RPA developers & specialists

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