automated orders and debts

There are hundreds of daily transports happening nowadays; for Yusen Logistics, a global supply chain company that provides shipping and air transportation, warehousing services, distribution, and management, this is business as usual.

Yusen Logistics Benelux has thousands of customers keeping up with their payment balances for transportation and logistics is a super-human job. So, they needed a software robot. And we had one made especially for them.

The challenge that leads to motivation

One day every week, one of the finance department employees was extremely busy processing the names of customers or suppliers, which needed to be restricted from future orders because of former unpaid ones.

The person used to compare every order against the payment balance of the customer and block their incoming orders if their payments weren’t up to date. The same employee would unblock the customer when the payments were processed. And after that, the customer would have been able to place new logistics or transportation orders.

The software robot we created for Yusen Benelux

Here is the moment where RPA comes in handy. We created a particular software robot that helps save approximately 52 working days a year, never gets tired, and never makes mistakes.

Using the unique reference number created for accurate recognition, the customer relationship management (CRM) software works alongside the software robot, making updates regarding orders and payments. It is now impossible for a customer with unpaid debts to be allowed to launch new orders. All is settled automatically without any human intervention.

The system and the software robot are built around one single form available for the finance department in which unique references can join. After entering data about payments and orders, the submit signals the robot to block or unblock the customer. Afterward, the bot generates a report on a specific company, how much debt it has, and if it is blocked or unblocked.

Results that speak volumes in time and money

We analyzed the data following the implementation of our solution, and here are the benefits:


The financial departments are the prominent best clients for automating tasks with RPA. In Yusen Benelux’s case, the clients, their orders, and their debts are strictly controlled, and the logistics business is on track.

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