Automation services in transportation and logistics or automated management refer to using automated management systems, machine learning, or software to enhance the efficiency of operations. It typically applies to repetitive processes that exist at a transport company, a warehouse, or a distribution center. Processes that need human intervention but can be automated.

Actually, along the supply chain – procurement, distribution, customer support, reverse logistics – many operations could be automatic, for example transforming transport orders into data with a single click.

Why use automation services?


The primary advantages of automation services are:

  • Real-time access to loading and data analysis. When you have access to load information and the capability to run reports, you can make better business decisions.
  • ü Reduction of errors for an excellent price. In manual data entry, there may be numerous errors that lead to increased shipping costs.
  • Organizational control. The systems are often flexible enough to adapt to the provider’s business rules and, at the same time, strong enough to force all customers, both internal and external, to adhere to the policies that guarantee efficient and profitable delivery.
  • Improved customer support.
  • Speed and scalability. The software robots offer an easy entry to the system and handle everything with higher agility. Moreover, the transportation invoices can be merged into one weekly invoice, however many shipments you have in each location.


Even though they are just a few, automation services also have some disadvantages:

  • Less flexibility, both in procedures and in-process changes. To put it differently, it is doubtful whether it will be possible to standardize certain procedures so that they can be implemented more effectively in an automatic system.
  • Taking into consideration the high number of actors in a supply chain: providers, manufacturers, customers, vendors, all of them can be a barrier and be reluctant to incorporate the necessary and mandatory technological solutions for automation.

FastPath Automation for Transportation&Logistics

Developing and deploying software robots for the Transportation&Logistics industry has been one of our main activities lately. We specialized in creating robots for this industry knowing which processes need to be automated and where help is needed more. With our bots, employees enjoy going to work because they don’t have to focus on mundane tasks. Instead, they can evolve professionally by engaging in more important activities, bringing more value to the company.

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