positive effects of RPA

The technology industry has grown fast in recent years and shouldn’t be considered a threat. On the contrary, a benefit that will make your employees work more efficiently. Lately, we’ve come across a situation where people from industries such as healthcare, finance, and human resources, are afraid that robots will “steal” their jobs. We want to bust this myth and draw attention to the positive effects of RPA and what can bring to your company.

When you hear the term “robot,” you might imagine a physical machine that can move through the room and follow commands. Still, RPA is a software robot, a digital technology. The fact that RPA will end human jobs is a common misconception. Instead, they empower humans to focus on meaningful work while software robots automate repetitive business processes. Automation might change people’s jobs, but it will certainly not replace humans.

RPA enables humans to focus on their businesses to create a better customer experience. Also, offers unique solutions that increase the value of their business. It allows employees to concentrate on tasks that require creativity and not repetitive work. The goal is to make people’s lives easier, that’s why we’ll look at the positive effects of RPA.

RPA essential statistics

According to Delloite RPA Survey, technology has many benefits. The average 20% of robot-generated full-time equivalent capacity reports fewer than 12 months of payback time. RPA continues to exceed expectations in multiple dimensions, including improved compliance (92%), better quality and accuracy (90%), increased productivity (86%), as well as cost reduction (59%).

If we look at the statistics, we can see that we could make our daily work more accessible by adopting RPA.

Nowadays, companies of all sizes struggle with inefficient workflows; meanwhile, robotic process automation can help businesses improve workflow efficiency and cut operational costs. RPA automates repetitive business processes by mimicking human actions using intelligent software bots.

RPA can boost employee morale by offering an engaging and productive work environment.

Studies have shown the positive effects of RPA can improve employee engagement by enhancing the workplace environment and reducing on-the-job stress. For instance, by introducing RPA into your organization, you can simultaneously increase the number of tasks your employees perform and provide a better work-life balance.

RPA can help streamline internal processes and accelerate business growth.

Automation can also improve productivity by speeding up business operations and improving the service quality. It can help you better meet customer expectations and grow your business.

RPA diminishes paperwork and administrative costs.

Automation can significantly improve the efficiency of organizational functions by eliminating redundant tasks and minimizing the risk of human error.

The positive effects of RPA are evident in the case of one of our partners, Yusen Logistics. Our software robot saved seven person-days/ month, gained over 90% automation for some of the financial department processes, and, altogether, increased employee satisfaction and effectiveness: zero errors and plenty of time for more creative activities.

Benefits for your company- a click away

Make your company more competitive and innovative with RPA. We live in a highly digitized world where technology rapidly disrupts existing business models and transforms companies’ business. Gain speed and grow faster with our software robots.

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