We put your business on the fastest lane to digital transformation, using UiPath robotic process automation tools.

In a world that’s continually changing, you need accuracy and speed.
Deciding to working with us, one of the few UiPath certified robotic process automation tools, and adopt the RPA technology is only going to enhance the digital preparedness of your company. This means you may forget about all those repetitive tasks which are time-consuming. Conserve the energy and boost the speed of activities by robotic automation.
Do you want to go fast on the fastest lane to digital transformation? We are the company you need for UiPath RPA robotic process automation.


Graaf Engelbertlaan 75, 4837 DS Breda


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    We’re not robots, but we love to make robots. We have a group of great professionals, with several years of expertise in UiPath Robotic Process Automation which will make and implement any robotic process automation tools for you. They’re supported by a few hundreds of other experts from Romania, Hungary, Republic of Moldova and Serbia. We create robotic process automation tools – robots that are fast, never get bored or tired and make no mistakes.

    UPGRADE Your Company and launch it on the fastest lane to digital transformation, with us, one of the UiPath Silver certified robotic process automation companies.

    FastPathAutomation  will create robotic process automation tools to optimize the workflow within your business. It means enhancing profitability while transforming the workspace. Robotic automation can cut the costs for processing and repetitive actions by around 80%. This is the next step in business development and with us you will be on the fastest lane to digital transformation.

    CoSo by AROBS has been in the business for over 26 years. The origin of this company can be found in the sphere of technical automation and manufacturing automation. All you need or desire for any robotic process automation vendors, our software developers build it. We decided to launch FastPathAutomation (link to abaout), our brand dedicated to promote our expertise among the best robotic process automation companies.
    Our office is in Ulvenhout (Breda) and we also have a subsidiary in Belgium.
    We’re working in the field of process automation for over 26 years, as well as in software development. Our team has great technical skills and they’re able to deliver great software. Our robotic automation control engineers worked on system integrations for oil, chemical, and gas, biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies.

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