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About the client 


FastPathAutomation is hugely proud to have Thermo Fisher Scientific NL among its partners. Thermo Fisher Scientific is the global leader in science service, making the world safer, cleaner, and more productive. They aim to improve patient health and productivity through diagnostics or research. 


The initial challenges 


Thermo Fisher’s employees must process many non-stock purchase order requests daily. After receiving the request, much time is wasted sending all the information via email or even manually logging and approving. 


With so many non-stock purchase order requests, the email address they are sent to becomes full and unresponsive. Maintaining a proper record of orders becomes more and more challenging, slowing down the whole process. Manually received and manually logged requests are often lost, making it difficult to complete the process in the shortest and fastest time possible. Afterward, the procurement department handles the logging & issuing of numbers. 


Our solution for Thermo Fisher Scientific 


Going to the root of the problem, we applied the UiPath Robotic Process Automation solution. Initially, the request form had a built-in email function sending all these applications to a specific address. Our solution automates the process and consists of three main parts. By having a robot monitor for requests in the form of an email box, the robot logs the request and sends out emails for approval as defined in a matrix provided by finance. In the final step, the software robot monitors approval or rejection emails & notifies the requestor accordingly. The results have been fantastic, reducing the response times dramatically. Additionally, the solution allowed the team to focus on other high-value tasks. 


Benefits that speak volumes in time & money


 thermo fisher scientific


Files no longer go missing, and processing all requests is always on time. The software robot takes care of the information that is being received, saving time and money and eliminating the chances of human error in information retrieval and processing. One of the key benefits has been the increase in productivity. Compared with the old system, now Thermo Fisher Scientific processes more requests in less time. 

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