Marketing teams must constantly face the latest challenges in the market and adapt to state-of-the-art marketing automation tools. The unpredictable marketing landscape leads to a waste of time and energy, so the best solution is automation.

Marketing is a broad field that combines strategy and creativity alike. Marketing automation is a tool that helps in lead generation, nurturing, scoring, and measuring ROI. As an organization grows in complexity and size, automation can save time and money. Marketing automation systems that scale with your business, like Robotic Process Automation, are a good choice. 

How can you use marketing automation?

According to HubSpot, 76% of companies report that they use marketing automation tools in 2021. More surprisingly, according to the same report, we find that the rest of 26%plan to adopt software robots for marketing this year.

As we said earlier, the conventional processes for automation are monotonous, repetitive. Still, 42% of marketers use software robots for content creation. Based on strict rules and having access to a wide range of information, marketing automation systems can generate quality content in just a few seconds. 58% of HubSpot report respondents use marketing automation for task management and 31% use chatbots.

RPA is an already popular tool, especially in terms of customer service. Robots can instantly send predefined messages and resolve requests much faster than human force.

The benefits

  1. Time-saving – Once you set up your marketing automation system, all you have to do is update and ensure everything is well-optimized. The software robots run on their own, only need regular maintenance. 
  2. Generate marketing qualified leads – You might not be able to nurture every conversion that your business receives personally. You will have more time to do this process if your marketing automation system qualifies leads through lead scoring. You can spend more time nurturing leads and fine-tuning this process as it runs by using an automated system that assesses prospects and assigns them a score.
  3. Manage sales and marketing partnerships – The development of a great lead qualification process, automation of the hand-off of marketing-qualified lead (MQL) to sales-qualified lead (SQL), and the cooperation of both your marketing and sales team are all essential to the success of your campaigns. Your business can bridge this gap by automating email marketing. The marketing automation software will make the transition smoother and allow your team to convert qualified leads into customers.
  4. Personalize the buyer’s journey – Marketers need to change their strategies to keep up with changing consumer habits. So this is the moment when marketing automation comes in. Automation allows you to create personalized journeys using segmentation and track content downloads. You can also use lead scoring systems and grading systems to collect more prospect information, which will provide better targeting. This strategy will allow you to deliver the right content to the right buyer at the right time.
  5. Spend more effectively – Marketing automation software can help you capture leads, nurture them, analyze their behaviour, and increase your marketing ROI. Make sure to test out different platforms before making a purchase. Also, make sure you consider the time and effort required to transfer knowledge and organize the system.
  6. Scale easier – You don’t want to fall behind your competition in terms of growth. Marketing automation processes are essential to creating a scalable marketing structure. These problems can be costly in time and money. Thus, it’s necessary to have automated processes in place to scale growth.


Marketing automation allows you to implement a better digital marketing strategy. You don’t have to press the “send” button on every email, message or campaign you send. Automation tools can help you identify your audience and design the best content. They also automatically trigger actions based on customer behaviour and schedules. After you launch a campaign, you can concentrate on other tasks and then analyze the results to adjust your marketing plan. Automated marketing strategies can help you save time, increase revenue, and improve ROI.

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