Task Mining and Process Mining with Soroco and FastPathAutomation

Our partnership with Soroco was born out of a mutual desire to offer top-notch solutions that respond to companies’ increasing need to improve their daily workflows using task and process mining.
Over 26 years of developing software automation solutions, we have gained extensive experience across several industries, including logistics, supply chain and transportation, financial services, insurance, and banking. By adding Soroco’s technology to our portfolio, we have enriched our solution expertise and enhanced customer delivery capabilities in Benelux.


Soroco is a deep-tech company and also the creator of the first work graph platform. The company’s mission is to help teams achieve the best results by providing real-time, structured insights into their daily work and tasks. The company has offices in the United States, United Kingdom, and India, and they work with more than 450 companies from 30 countries.

partnership with soroco

Scout – The World’s First Work Graph Platform

Soroco’s Scout is the world’s first work graph platform, a database of valuable insights from workers’ daily work. This platform enables companies to accelerate their digital transformation and continuously improve their processes through task mining and process mining. The work graph is an interconnected succession of actions that groups conduct to complete the tasks. This is the map of how teams handle digital work: the connection of people, work, and technology.
What differentiates Soroco’s Scout from other solutions is its ability to discover work patterns specific to each team and come up with AI-driven recommendations on ROI and optimization.

Main Capabilities


task discovery

Eliminate manual, repetitive tasks and
find out which areas to optimize.


process discovery

Gain full visibility over your company’s
processes discover how work happens
at both micro and macro levels.


work insights

Get to the root of any problem and
find recommendations for process improvements.

… and much more!

Are you ready to start
your automation journey?


Why Work with Soroco and FastPath Automation

The process mining tool offered by Soroco was created to support digital transformation. When you know your business, you know your process, and when you know your process, you know the benefits. In our case, Soroco identifies the benefits of applying a variety of change levers and delivers targeted programs at scale.
Together with our experienced FastPath Automation team, we are ready to accelerate your digital transformation and take your business to the next level.

Explore the benefits of using the solution offered by Soroco and FastPathAutomation:
• Provides clarity over the entire process
• No need for IT integration
• Protects end-user privacy
• Finds what process activities should be automated
• Is GDPR compliant
With a clear goal in mind, you can enhance and improve processes within your organization while effectively working together and partnering with stakeholders. Process mining and task mining strengthen compliance, automate business processes, and drive strategic initiatives.

Start your digital transformation today!