FastPath Automation was present at the Transport & Logistics event, which took place on 19-21 October in Antwerp. Over 300 exhibitors – professionals in the fields of transport, distribution, logistics, warehousing, but also software experts who offer efficient solutions for optimizing the activities attended this great event. In the Forum, the participants discussed innovative ideas for the improvement of the industry and companies operating in this segment.

FastPath Automation, represented by our colleague Edwin Provoost, took part in the event with our RPA solutions for automating repetitive tasks, which often occur in the activities of the transport and logistics industry.

The networking hub for Transport & Logistics professionals

The event in Antwerp was attended by over 300 exhibitors from BeNeLux, qualified in transport and logistics, who had innovative ideas and valuable information to share with the public. More than attracting customers, the event stood out for its inspiring and innovative specificity, meant to contribute to the development of business and industry. Many challenges faced by customers are solved at the Antwerp forum, where companies present various solutions to suit each need, such as automating repetitive processes with the help of Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence.

The Transport & Logistics event in Antwerp is dedicated to any person or company operating in this industry, as it offers countless development opportunities and state-of-art technologies. In addition to the usefulness of the information and connections gathered during this event, participants were able to enjoy quality time in a professional and pleasant environment, suitable for relevant conversations and ideas for progress.

FastPath Automation

FastPath Automation is an RPA company based in The Netherlands, and it is specialized in providing services for the automation of repetitive business processes. The technology that underlies the company’s activity is RPA – Robotic Process Automation. The software robots developed by FastPath Automation are specially designed to meet the needs of companies facing challenges due to the high volume and heavy pace of paperwork.

Our software robots are suitable for a wide variety of industries, including the transportation and logistics industries. As each transport needs a lot of documents to carry out the activity, RPA is the right solution to speed up the bureaucratic process. Software robots are also suitable for warehouse tasks like those related to orders, invoices, etc.

Automating repetitive business processes helps optimize the entire process by allocating a small number of resources to time-consuming and energy-intensive tasks. It also allows employees to perform more creative or decision-making tasks while customers enjoy efficiency and agility.

If you want to streamline your activity by RPA and you need a specialized partner – contact us!

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