world of robots

1980: I bet there will be flying cars in the future

2021: ♪ Do you love me? ♪

Technology has progressed so quickly in the last decades, so we even haven’t realized how much society has advanced. And the robots “invaded” our world in the blink of an eye. This thought scares us and makes us happy at the same time.

How far will things go?

We still can’t figure it out, but according to what we already saw, we can expect or… daydream. One of the most well-known and advanced robots is the notorious Sophia – the humanoid robot that simulates human gestures and expressions while having genuine conversations with humans. Thus, we overcome many of the technological barriers and robots resemble people more and more. It seems that the only thing that distinguishes us now is emotion.

Will robots ever be able to have feelings?

Anything we can imagine becomes reality and we have seen how often science fiction becomes science facts. If everything we can dream of now becomes a real thing in the future, it means that we are just taking the first steps towards a hugely developed universe. But until then… we can take full advantage of what makes us unique.

In the following, we will see a top of the greatest robots and how they influence our lives and emotions.

Marvin – The Paranoid Android

The well-deserved 1st place certainly belongs to the coolest robot of all – Marvin, the Paranoid Android. Although he is a fictional character aboard the starship Heart of Gold, Marvin stands out in the world of robots for his exceptional intelligence. According to Marvin, he was 50,000 times smarter than a human. However, this robot had a big problem: depression and boredom gripped him as time went on and he had nothing to do with his skills. Although his brain was the size of a planet, people gave him only mundane tasks, such as opening the door.

Marvin shows us a case of people who underestimate the abilities of robots, real in today’s society.

Our actual robots have a very high potential (not as great as Marvin’s, however), but humans tend to discredit the benefits they bring. Thus, many times, they choose to hire additional staff in favor of implementing robots that can optimize activities.

The Boston Dynamics’ dancing robots

While Marvin symbolized sadness, we can certainly say of these robots that they are the complete opposite. The video in which those cute robots dance to the song “Do you love me?” quickly went viral on the internet and brought a smile to many people. Although they are a source of joy for us, these humanoid robots are very intelligent, and behind their development was a lot of work and perseverance.

The humanoids built by the Boston Dynamics team show us once again that robots can perfectly perform the tasks for which they were programmed. It seems that human activities (not just dancing) are no longer a challenge for robots.

P.S.: If you want to achieve something, be ambitious and don’t give up! It took these robots half a year to learn a 3-minute choreography. But in the end, he succeeded! ????

The robot dogs

We have often heard that “The dog is man’s best friend”. This is probably what some big technology companies thought of when they built robot dogs. These robotic pets have been developed with smart features besides increasing the level of serotonin of their owners.

Tombot is one of the sweetest pet robots and brings real benefits to the health of its owners. Developed from the needs of people with dementia for a pet that is always by their side but can reinforce itself, Tombot is a therapy dog in every aspect. This robotic emotional support animal behaves like a real dog, being equipped with a lot of sensors and smart functionalities.

Returning to Boston Dynamics, these creative inventors have developed dog robots that encourage social distancing in a Singapore park. This dog slightly differs from Tombot because it sends voice messages about methods to prevent Covid-19 infection.

In addition to these dog robots, many other robotic pets have been built to ensure the emotional and physical well-being of their owners.

The Robonaut

If so far we have talked about robots that simulate human or animal behavior, it’s time to go beyond the terrestrial environment and fly, along with the robot astronaut, into outer space. The Robonaut is a humanoid robot, produced in several versions over time, developed at NASA. These robots have been designed to have great dexterity and work side by side with astronauts on space stations. Currently, the Robonaut performs only mundane tasks, but NASA has high expectations for the future of astronaut robots.

Looks pretty much like Marvin, doesn’t it? However, this robot still cannot show its feelings.

The Fast Software Robot

Fast is a software robot specially programmed to come to the aid of companies of any kind. This robot is designed to automate repetitive tasks and save significant time and money. Employees have the opportunity to handle creative tasks and can truly enhance the value of the business.

Why FastPath Automation?

Because our software robots are programmed to perform tasks quickly and with no mistakes. Moreover, they do not need breaks or vacations because they can even work non-stop, 24/7! The investment in a software robot is very small, because it does not need specific equipment, but adapts to the existing equipment within the company. However, the savings do not take long to appear shortly after implementation. Fast is a genuine hero among robots because he can easily help companies overcome inevitable crises. Companies adopted RPA on a large scale, especially in the context of the Covid pandemic, when the negative effects extended to the financial field.


Like XJ-7, we often think about what is wrong with this world. The robot, however, offers us an answer as true as sad: “The usual, life, the universe, everything”. Many of us probably considered him, yet one thing is clear. Reading this article, we realize robots are important factors of development, making the world a better place. So, it comes the time when we must have confidence in the power of robots and enjoy all the benefits they bring us!